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Are you looking for a new Vendor? One that sells Tummy Cream? 

We have decided to offer wholesale on our tummy cream! Our Vixen Tummy Tightening Cream is designed to produce more sweat and help tighten your skin.

Made with natural ingredients and Lavender scented!

Please note that the shipping cost has been added to the total cost! Please do not use any discount codes or gift cards! If any of these are used, you will receive an invoice for that amount. The jars will not have any stickers or logos or labels on them. Clear Spatulas are included upon request. 

Apply before working out. Use saran wrap and/or a waist belt while working out! Start out by scooping a quarter size amount in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together then massage it into your skin! Apply your saran wrap (if you don't have a Tummy Trainer yet) and/or waist belt/Vixen Tummy Trainer and you're good to go!

Be prepared to be drenched in sweat around your abdomen area!

For best results, we recommend applying before a 20-30+ minute extensive workout and using Our Vixen Tummy Trainer!

An email will be sent prior to processing the order to verify details and if needed an invoice will be sent for any fees that might have been missed. The shipping costs have been added into the total amount.

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