Vixen Workout Sliders

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Are You Ready to Enhance Your Home & Gym Workouts? Tired of using Paper Plates or Towels to Slide on your carpet or tile? Tired of Slipping on Your Floors?

No more Slipping On Our Watch! Enhance Your Workouts with our Vixen Workout Sliders! Guaranteed to Enhance & Spice Up your workout.

  • TONE AND STRENGTHEN ABDOMINALS: Smart core exercise workout equipment, these sliders gliding discs help you tone your stomach, strengthen your back, improve your agility and coordination, and even improve flexibility and overall balance.
  • ALL SURFACES: Use our dual sided core sliders on any surface such as carpets, tile, and hardwood floors. Workout anytime at home or gym to see incredible results.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: these Vixen workout sliders are light, small and compact (7" in Diameter), with a carry bag, easy to pack for travel, to the gym or stay at home to make your daily body building continuously and more convenient
  • 2-PACK FOR DIFFERENT FITNESS LEVELS: fit for both men and women, professional sports person, sports enthusiasts, slimmers or beginers to imporve fitness, get a full-body workout at any time with this sliders

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