Vixen Tummy Trainer

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Tired of always sucking it in? Has that old waist trainer been stretched to the max? Does your current waist trainer move and rise up during a workout? 

Look no further! Our Vixen Tummy Trainer is just what you need! 

Guaranteed to suck in the rolls and bumps that you hate. Our tummy trainers don't move or rise while working out. They have been tried and test prior to making them available to you. 

Try our Vixen Tummy Trainer today and you won't be disappointed! 

Also, for better results, try our New Vixen Tummy Tightening Cream... Offered as a Combo Deal

Tummy trainers and Combo Deals are only for a LIMITED TIME and the prices will change so BUY TODAY!

How to measure yourself:

Your upper waist is measured 1 inch above you belly button. Your lower waist/belt is measured at your belt level. 

****Please take measurements before purchasing and whatever you measure, order a size down! If you do not order a size down, the tummy trainer will not be snug! Also, another way to order is to take your shirt size and order a size down from that. If you are still unsure of your size, order according to your dress size. *****

How to clean your Tummy trainer:

Hand wash only with soap/detergent and water and remove excess water by ringing it out (parallel to the steel bones). Air Dry.