Vixen Lifting Biker Shorts

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Our Vixen Butt Lifting Biker Shorts are exactly what you need to make those thighs and butt look amazing while you're working out! If you look amazing, you feel amazing! Why not do it in our Vixen Biker Shorts?

Enhance your daily look with our Vixen Butt Lifting Biker Shorts! Our Vixen Butt Lifting Biker Shorts will not only accentuate your curves, but slim your silhouette. Bend, squat, and lift with confidence. Strut your stuff in our shorts with a comfy top or sports bra, and a shoe of your choice and you will be set for the day.

~ Helps Reduces the appearance of cellulite
~ In conjunction with our Tightening Cream, Helps shed excess water weight
~ Great for working out
~ Helps Tone your butt & thighs while losing inches
~ Helps Lifts Butt

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