Imperial Reynard Male Sweat Vest

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Who said Waist Trainers are just for Women? Are you a male that wants to tighten your stomach but you don't want to walk around in a girlie waist trainer? Are you ready to get back down to a 32", 34", 36" waist? 

It's Finally Here! We have Vests for Men! Our New Collection, Imperial Reynard (Male Fox) has officially launched and is available now! Enhanced Vixen would like to introduce you to our New Imperial Reynard Male Sweat Vest!

This vest will help accelerate fat burning, weight loss, hide the man boobs, and improve and support your posture.

Try our Imperial Reynard Male Sweat Vest today and you won't be disappointed! 

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How to measure yourself:

Your upper waist is measured 1 inch above you belly button. Your lower waist/belt is measured at your belt level. 

****Please take measurements before purchasing and whatever you measure, order a size down! If you do not know your exact size, go with your shirt size and start there!*****

How to clean your Imperial Reynard Sweat Vest:

Hand wash only with soap/detergent and water and remove excess water by ringing it out (parallel to the steel bones). Air Dry.

Get your Imperial Reynard Male Sweat Vest Today!