Vixen Body Enhancer Collection

All of our Body Enhancers in One Collection!

Introducing our Vixen Tummy Trainers! Designed and recommended for wear while exercising. Lose inches and gave curves!

Introducing our Vixen Tummy Shapers! Designed to be worn underneath your clothing. Show off that slim waist and camouflage the shaper.

Introducing our Vixen Thigh Trimmers! Designed to trim those thighs and lift your butt! Recommend for use while working out.

Introducing our Vixen Arm Shapers! Designed to reduce, slim, and trim those arms! Recommended for use while working out. 

Introducing our Vixen Tummy Tightening Cream! Designed to Tighten your tummy and helps to lose weight and inches at the same time. Recommended for use while working out.