Vixen Eyelash Wash

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Do you wish that there was a way to clean your eyelash extensions or your eyelash strips? Need a way to clean your eyelashes without irritating your eyes? Don't to throw away your favorite pair eyelashes? 

Enhanced Vixen has got you covered with our Vixen Eyelash Wash!

Our Vixen Eyelash Wash is designed to help keep your lash extensions and strips clean without the harsh chemical feeling. You can rest assure that this eyelash wash formula will not irritate or burn your eyes. 

Our Vixen Eyelash Wash will bring back life to those lash strips that you've applied numerous times. Our eyelash wash extends the amount of times you can wear your eyelash strips.

Do not use within 24 hours of getting your lash extensions applied.

How to use: Apply 1 pump to your lash extensions or strips. Use the lash cleansing brush to brush the lashes. Repeat steps as needed. When done, allow lashes to dry.