EV 2pk Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner

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Tried of eyelash glue not sticking or irritating your eyes? Need help putting on your eyelashes? Does it take forever for you to apply false eyelashes? Problem Solved!

These magic magnetic eyelashes are proven to stick. The magic is in the magnets and the magnetic eyeliner. 

Never have to worry about your eyelash glue not sticking or it irritating your eyes. That worry is now eliminated when you buy the magic magnetic eyelashes

It only takes just a few seconds to create beautiful and attractive big eyes, easy to disassemble, no need to help, magnetic eyelashes is a modern ladies essential cosmetics accessories.

  • BLACK MAGNETIC EYELINER: black eyeliner provides smooth and even lines and the best black eyeliner, easy to color, lasting, no allergy, easy to match with different makeup styles. It can also be used as eyeliner for makeup.
  • HIGH STRENGTH& FAST MAGNETS: don't feel like putting on eyelashes is a hard thing, and there's nothing more to cover your eyes. High-quality eyelashes are embedded with tiny high-strength magnets. With it you can use eyelashes that are very easy to apply.
  • WATERPROOF: magnetic eyeliner, false eyelashes, eyelashes and tweezers are completely waterproof/smudged/oil proof! It won't fall! Fast drying, durable, fast fading or peeling! Magnet design avoids using glue, protects eyelids, and can be used repeatedly to save on makeup costs.

Item Specifications

How to use

1. Magnetic eyeliner. During use, shake it evenly and use it.
2. Wait for the eyeliner to dry slightly using the magnet false eyelashes. It is best to fix your makeup once. It can be debugged during use. Press gently while using. The effect is stronger.

Buy yours now and slay!